Welcome to sshdesign

At sshdesign you will experience a unique service, with a personal touch. As a small local design company, we are able to provide a bespoke service, not limited by standard templates or fixed designs.

We work with you to create a design to fulfil the unique requirements of your project or business venture, no matter the size.

We give a personal service and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product design.

About sshdesign

My name is Stuart Horne and I am a freelance designer with a real passion and flair for design.

The mainstay of my experience has been in working on a large scale website at Strathclyde University where I created the web graphics for most of the site.

I have also designed banners and logos and various other graphic projects for local small business.

Please have a look at my portfolio page to see these designs.

sshdesign Services

Welcome to sshdesign provided services. We want to provide a personal and unique service. With the personal touch.

Many large design companies provide a process of choosing from templates and you might not find the design you like with sshdesign we will create a design you will be happy with.

A design unique to your needs and to enhance that special occasion or function.

No project too small or too large! Please feel free to contact us in the contact page to get your project started.

We provide the design and if you need your project printed then sshdesign can provide a competitive quote to get your project off the ground, leaving you with the confidence that your project will be completed with professionalism and with a unique touch.


Are you starting out on your own either your own business or freelance and looking for a professional flyer design to get the best out of your venture? If so, then sshdesign is here to help.


Have your own personal banner created for a function or personal occasion at an affordable price.

Can’t find that personal design you want? sshdesign can help you get that perfect design to your liking and unique to your occasion.

There are many companies around who provide custom vinyl banners but sshdesign is different. Our approach to your particular job is different from these companies We put more into each job, more thought, more creativity, so you get something unique to you or your business not some tired old design you have seen over and over again.

busines bundle plan

With all of the pressures that come with starting up a new business it is easy to get overwhelmed with a long list of tasks that need to be dealt with. Keeping yourself and your company organised can be a tall task with everything you have to face.

sshdesign want to make it stress free for you so you can forget about the pressure of how your company’s image will be conveyed to the outside world.

personal projects

Thinking of starting a personal project or a venture and not sure where to start? sshdesign can help you get started, be it album art for your band or a poster you want to create (no copyright material) or even a personal family collage.

Do you want to create a personal project that no one else can help you with?

Feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will be glad to help.

bereavement and remembrance cards

Don’t forget the little things and put your thoughts in ink with personal remembrance or bereavement cards have a custom design and create your own special message to show how much they meant to you.